Stuck in a Rut?

Our Color Change Wraps Make a Shell of a Difference!


When you team up with All Out, your personal vehicle has the potential to steal the show with a full color changing car wrap or one of our partial paint wraps for cars. Our partial color changing vinyl wraps are the ideal accent on your hood, doors, roof, trunk or bumpers. You’ll be amazed by the overwhelming color and style choices. We offer more than 100 color choices along with several finishes, including gloss, matte, metallic, carbon fiber, brushed fiber, satin and chrome and color changing vinyls.

Our experienced team of installers, which includes several with 3M Preferred Installer certification, PDAA Master Certified and Avery Dennison Certified, have wrapped a ton of personal vehicles with stunning results. We use only quality vinyls from top-of-the-line companies that offer excellent warranties, including 3M and Avery. And while you’ll be able to find installers that use cheaper vinyls that cost less, their products are inferior and could damage your vehicle’s paint job. Plus, they rarely include trusted warranties.

Make Your Vehicle the Frontrunner


Your personal style isn’t the only reason to invest in a color changing car wrap or paint wrap. A color changing vinyl wrap is cheaper than repainting your vehicle and is a safe and easy way to protect your paint job. It’s also durable and removable: If for some reason you get tired of the new color, simply peel it off. Plus, if your vehicle should become damaged by dents, dings or scratches, it’s fairly simple to restore the wrap to its pristine condition. Your personal wrap will not only protect your vehicle but turn it into a showstopper.

Some people think a paint wrap is a smart choice when their paint is peeling or their vehicle has holes, rust, dents or pitting. But in order to achieve a quality paint wrap, your vehicle’s paint should be in great condition. That way, the vinyl will adhere to the vehicle properly.

Let’s Go ALL OUT!


Considering the time, energy and talent we pour into every color changing wrap that we create, our pricing for paint wraps for cars is extremely reasonable.


Here is a list of some of our prices:

Full Wrap Sedan: Starting at $3,499

Full Wrap Pickup or SUV: Starting at $3,999

Hood Wrap: $395

Roof Wrap: $395

Trunk Wrap: $300

Mirrors: $275

If you live near our Battleford, SK facility, your vehicle will be wrapped in our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art bay under perfect lighting conditions. If you live too far away to come to us, our installers will come to you! We just need you to provide a well-lit, temperature-controlled indoor space.


Our process for color change wraps is easy and seamless.

Step 1: Come in to select your color or colors.


Step 2: Discuss add-ons such as different colors, door jams, tint, smoke taillights, etc.


Step 3: Sign the contract.


Step 4: Set the installation date. Your hood wrap or other partial wrap install will take just an hour or two. To ensure the finest quality and craftsmanship, your full wrap install will take up to four days.


Step 5: Enjoy your fabulous new ride!