What is a vehicle wrap?

A wrap, besides being the single most effective way of advertising your brand, is a wide format digitally printed “sticker” that is methodically applied to the exterior of your vehicle giving the effect that the vehicle has come off the assembly line with a custom paint job that is marketing your brand and message. In the past, most companies would have cut vinyl lettering applied to a vehicle; however with changing media(s) and printing capabilities what really gains attention in this multi-media world is either full or partial wrap graphics. Cut vinyl lettering alone is no longer as effective of a solution to marketing on a vehicle.

Will my wrap last through the winter?

Absolutely. We use the highest quality vinyl paired with our certified installers to ensure your wrap stays looking like new even through our harsh winters.

Is a vehicle wrap removable or will it ruin my paint?

A vehicle wrap is completely reversible and will not ruin your OEM manufacturers paint job. In fact, most lease companies PREFER that you fully wrap your vehicle as soon as possible because the vehicle wrap protects your paint job from harmful UV rays, pebbles and scratches. You can remove the vehicle wrap on your own, however we do recommend that you have the work done by one of our professionals.

How is a vehicle wrap applied?

A vehicle wrap is carefully measured and documented at the very beginning of the process to ensure that the custom design/output and application exactly match your vehicle the day it comes in for the installation. Our craftsman, 3M-trained /Avery certified and PDAA Master certified installation staff will then apply the pressure-sensitive media directly to the vehicle using squeegees and heat to mold the media around contours on the vehicle body. We ensure that no blades touch the paint of your vehicle and also the logos, lettering and imagery match exactly to your approved design.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes! We offer a 5 year labour/installation warranty on all of our vehicle wraps. This warranty will cover any issues that you have that are installation related as well as outline proper procedures to be followed by both customer and installer. Please note that some areas on the vehicle are covered longer than other areas, please contact a All Out customer service rep for details.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

Wraps are priced using a combination of square footage, complexity and (if required) design services. An average full wrap on a vehicle can range from $1,500 to $3,800 depending on the amount of square footage and services required. The vehicle wrap industry is most definitely a “get what you pay for” industry. All Out is considered a high quality facility that treats every job like it’s the most important job in-house. This is what keeps our customers coming back as well as our gaining NEW customers that have used other wrap companies in the past…a fact that we are very proud of!

Why get a wrap?

Of course we offer cut lettering or magnets, but these forms of marketing are just falling to the side because the communication potential of a full vehicle wrap is border line untouchable by most other forms of media! The reason why you look around today and see so many big box retailers, medium sized companies and start-ups wrap their cars, trucks, trailers is because IT WORKS! Vehicle wrapping has proven to be one of the very best ways to actually see a return on investment!